Tackling early leaving from education and training in Europe: Strategies, policies and measures

This report by Eurydice and Cedefop examines the subject of early school leaving or  from education and training (ESL or ELET) from different perspectives, providing an overview of some of the main issues involved. The analysis shows that the factors related to early leaving are closely intertwined with other educational and social issues. It  also emphasives  the high costs of early leaving for society and individuals. The report also gives a state of the art by of students leaving education and training early as well as the consequences for the individual.  

The fifth chapter of the report analyses the  role of career guidance in tackling early leaving. First the chapters analyses how education and career guidance is used to address early leaving, then presents the arrangements for education and career guidance in schools, it then gives an overview of the types of staff responsible for providing education and career guidance at school and  investigates the roles and tasks assigned to external providers which are mainly externally-based guidance services, but which cooperate closely with schools. The last section of the chapter looks at guidance as a compensation measure for those young people who have already left education and training early and wish to re-enter the system.


The report is available online here.