Collection of best practices

The Guiding Cities consortium is  currently running a transnational survey in order to identify guidance practices that are of good quality or innovative, relevant, effective in their contexts and transferable. They may have a strengh in any of the following dimensions, which are the building blocks of the Guiding Cities Model: Governance and coordination, Accessibility and awareness of services, Methodologies of provision, Measures and profiles, Objectives and needs, Competences for practicioners, Common framework and quality standards, Evaluation of performance and effectiveness. (See  the Guiding Cities Glossary for definitions).
This survey will serve to illustrate these practices in an online system aiming to support the integration of guidance services. This system and the current survey support our aims  to join policy makers and stakeholders within the field of education and guidance to map and create a model of guidance to promote coherent policy and strategic planning and to respond to the complex needs in the fight against Early School Leaving.
We would be grateful if you would fill out the survey form or if you would forward it to people who may have such good practices in guidance. Please fill out the survey form by the 30th of August.
We will publish the report of this survey on the project website by the end of the year. If you are interested to receive it by email please subscribe to our mailing list.