Training of Roma children


Training of Roma children

Affiliation(s)/ Institution


Email addresses

Project funded by

university of Athens

Promoter name and country

university of Athens

Type of provider


Area of implementation

  • urban
  • rural
  • nazional

Context and motivation of the project - legislative background/obligations, institutional policy, institutional structures

Public schools

Aims of the project

Reducing dropout of Roma. Join more Roma children in schools every new year. Start of studies more children from kindergarten

Target group

  • students
  • ESL
  • parents
  • Teachers

Description of the target group

Children who are in schools, teachers and professors involved in their education, parents who have children in school

Staff (selection, evaluation, training, promotion)

Teachers, psychologists trained in special education

Methodological approach, activities implemented

Counseling for students, teachers and parents Training of teachers Implementation of programs to students designed to develop skills and abilities

Results and impact - data of program internal/ external evaluation, beneficiary satisfaction, the impact of the didactical practices at individual and institutional level

There was significance reduction in the number of the dropouts of Roma

Conclusions, lessons learned

Particularly important in populations such as Roma who are trying to understand their own cultural framework and the removal of prejudices on all sides

Directions of further development/ Transferability, replicability

It is useful to implement programs at the schoolso as to create incentives for students to attend school(through theatre, music, art ....)

Type of ESL (early school leaving) practice

  • Prevention
  • Intervention
  • Compensation

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Parameters on which the practice is applicable (check those appropriate)

  • Accessibility
  • Measures and profiles
  • Common framework and quality standards
  • Evaluation of performance and effectiveness