Siena Guidance for young people – Guidance services, job-support and active labor market policies


Siena Guidance for young people - Guidance services, job-support and active labor market policies

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Centro Studi Pluriversum

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Provincia di SIENA

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Provincia di SIENA - Centro Studi Pluriversum ITALIA

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Conform, Italia

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  • urban
  • rural
  • local

Context and motivation of the project - legislative background/obligations, institutional policy, institutional structures

The system of the Sienese provincial employment services has managed to maintein effective level of services for citizens, despite the explosion of unemployment numbers. In particular, with regard to target young people, the employment services play a key role in facilitating the flow of information about the compulsory education and training: they collect the information of all the actors of the network system. Thus guaranteed the implementation of the general rules contained in the Decree 76 April 15, 2005, about the actions for the educational success and the prevention of school drop out. Schools have the task of identifying the students who drop out of school or who attend discontinuously and transmit their data to the employment centers; these have the obligation to take action by implementing guidance paths aimed to prevent and combat the early school leaving.

Aims of the project

The goal of guidance and support services to young people is to provide the tools needed to improve their employability, accompanying them on the way to work and removing the obstacles of the person.

Target group

  • students
  • ESL
  • Guidance practitioners

Description of the target group

Young and unemployed young adults, students at risk of vocational education and training, NEET, students at risk of leaving school and training.

Staff (selection, evaluation, training, promotion)

Project Staff consists nf: 2 coordinators; a group of experts for supervision and technical assistance in support of coordination; 1. level of guidance counselors and specialists; referents gender.

Methodological approach, activities implemented

The project organization and management guidance, job-support and active policies for young people expected to use the services of the employment center by the citizen becomes a path in the flexible and personalized service, which involves the reconstruction of a plan individual action. The different types of actions are placed in three general categories, namely the actions of basic orientation, the orientation activities specialist and accompanying actions and supported employment and the creation of professional-training project. Activities for young people plays a specific role the tutor of the right / duty, which performs a number of actions towards children at risk of vocational education and training. The shares that are held by the identification of the user acceptance, to take charge dino accompaniment and monitoring of the path of the young.

Results and impact - data of program internal/ external evaluation, beneficiary satisfaction, the impact of the didactical practices at individual and institutional level

The service coordinator provides methodological support that ensures the achievement of the same quality standards of the action provided in all territorial CPI. In the course of the entire project it is expected to direct the system to monitor and evaluate the performance and architecture of the shares granted.

Conclusions, lessons learned

Siena Youth Guidance activities are always under construction, but from years of experience and continuity of service delivery shows a positive result, especially for young people.

Directions of further development/ Transferability, replicability

The model of service Siena orientation of young people provides, an example that has potential to be tapped and transferred to other territories. Qualified operatives play a crucial role for the service.

Type of ESL (early school leaving) practice

  • Intervention
  • Compensation

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  • Governance and coordination
  • Accessibility
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