Job Shadow Day


Job Shadow Day

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County Center for Educational Resources and Assistance Teleorman

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Junior Achievement Enterprise

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Choosing a profession is a very difficult task, especially if the opportunities are limited. Many youngsters choose a profession mismatching their profile or they do not know clearly what are the responsibilities, tasks or requirements in practicing those professions. After employment they realise that the chosen profession is not what they expected. Through this programme we diminish the rate of mismatch due to inappropriate career decision making.

Aims of the project

Career guidance provided to future high school graduates gives them the possibility for the duration of one working day, to be the „shadow” of an employee in a company/ or selected institution, based on the sxpressed interest in a certain profession.

Target group

  • students

Description of the target group

XI and XII grade pupils. Youngsters interested to find out more about jobs, and the specific responsibilities at the work place.

Staff (selection, evaluation, training, promotion)

Selecting the undecided pupils regarding choosing a profession. There were provided different counselling activities for self-awareness of skills, interests and aptitudes, as well as preparation for a job interview. Group counselling: self-knowledge, job interview, writing a CV and Cover letter; The shadowing day. The current local partner are: County City Hall Teleorman, Court Teleorman, Police Inspectorate Teleorman County, Jandarmery Inspectorate Teleorman, County Center for Educational Resources and Assistance Teleorman, Romanian Commercial Bank, Private Work Psychology/Stomatology Cabinets, Maria Hall S.A., Conciato Restaurant and Minerva Restaurant, TV Teleorman and Radio Impact.

Methodological approach, activities implemented

The project had a positive impact on the teanagers, as well as on the local partners. „Job Shadow Day was a unique and fruitful experience allowing me to discover practical things that I would have never encountered in books.” P.C. XII the grade pupil. There is a need for the continuation of the programme as it provides a real support for the professional decision making. The City Hall gained today 10 young people who could like to acquire the means by which the citizen are served” C.G. Cancelary Councilor/

Results and impact - data of program internal/ external evaluation, beneficiary satisfaction, the impact of the didactical practices at individual and institutional level

This project built a bridge between the school and the world of work, helping this way to enhancing the partnership of the school with local institutions and companies.

Conclusions, lessons learned

Involving actively all the institutions and companies from Alexandria in the training of the younger generation.

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  • Intervention

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Consilierea carierei- Compediu de metode și tehnici , Ed. Sigma, Bucuresti, 2007