Implementing career matching software S.OR.PRENDO to the Regionale system of lifelong guidance


Implementing career matching software S.OR.PRENDO to the Regionale system of lifelong guidance

Affiliation(s)/ Institution

Centro Studi Pluriversum

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Project funded by

Regione Marche POR FSE OB. 2 2007/13. Asse IV–h

Promoter name and country

Regione Marche ITALIA

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Area of implementation

  • urban
  • regional

Context and motivation of the project - legislative background/obligations, institutional policy, institutional structures

The Marche Region has identified career guidance a cornerstone of its strategy to build a "regional system of lifelong guidance", to be achieved in terms of integration between the sectors of education, training and work (2013 Annual Programme for employment and quality of work) through actions to raise the quality of human resources and the effectiveness of the system of education and training, and strengthening competitiveness through knowledge.

Aims of the project

Equip the regional system of permanent guidance of a tool able to meet the needs of different target groups including school students at risk of early school leaving.

Target group

  • students
  • ESL
  • Guidance practitioners
  • Teachers

Description of the target group

Teachers of secondary schools of first and second degree, operators of the employment centers engaged in guidance activities aimed at employed, unemployed, and ESL NEET; representative of guidance services of universities

Staff (selection, evaluation, training, promotion)

Project Director with the task of managing the operational and institutional relations with the Client, planning the activities agreed upon in order to ensure the achievement of the objectives and carry out the strategic function of general coordination and functional of all the organized one for Administrative ensure the management of the flow of communication and documentation between Centro Studi Pluriversum the customer and places of service delivery and training activities. Coordinator for managing the operational aspects of all activities. Tutor classroom management training activities. Teachers for the management of training activities

Methodological approach, activities implemented

The implementation of S.OR.PRENDO project, in the regional system of lifelong guidance consists of different types of actions: the acquisition of licenses and the after-sales service, training of counselors, trainers, teachers, as well as asset management and quality control of services provided and the project as a whole. The software S.OR.PRENDO with rich and structured database of professional profiles is used as a guiding tool and information support in association with career guidance and career, in schools, vocational training centers, services for the 'employment constitutes a resource reference to the' regional system of lifelong guidance '. The guidance becomes a subjective process of knowledge production in the sense that is the set of operations to meet an emerging need of new knowledge built by the same person.

Results and impact - data of program internal/ external evaluation, beneficiary satisfaction, the impact of the didactical practices at individual and institutional level

The project is still being completed and lacking conclusive data, but the results so far detected is very positive. The evaluation has returned very positive results both from the teachers / guidance counselors and from users on the following aspects: ease of use of the instrument, purpose guidance, general utility.

Conclusions, lessons learned

S.or.prendo proved an instrument that can support the teacher / guidance counselor both in the acquisition of new knowledge and operational methods for the management of guidance activities.

Directions of further development/ Transferability, replicability

The project has covered the entire region by combining guidance systems and providing tools and intervention models easily transferable to other realities. Surprised tool is already in use in other territories.

Type of ESL (early school leaving) practice

  • Prevention
  • Intervention

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  • Governance and coordination
  • Accessibility
  • Methodologies of provision
  • Measures and profiles
  • Objectives and needs
  • Competences and skills for practitioners
  • Common framework and quality standards
  • Evaluation of performance and effectiveness