Guidance resources: software SO.R.PRENDO in Umbria Region


Guidance resources: software SO.R.PRENDO in Umbria Region

Affiliation(s)/ Institution

Centro Studi Pluriversum

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Project funded by

Regione Umbria

Promoter name and country

Regione Umbria - Italia

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Area of implementation

  • urban
  • regional

Context and motivation of the project - legislative background/obligations, institutional policy, institutional structures

With the "System actions for the development of integrated regional system of guidance" and the subsequent activation, in 2008, the so-called "Workshops for guidance" Umbria Region has started the process of exchange and discussion on a regional level for the definition of a unified framework of "rules", able to ensure the common framework for the integration between services, institutional entities and guidance counselors of the different areas. In this perspective, the project provides the Umbria region a set of coordinated actions of training and technical assistance in order to expand and optimize the use of a tool that allows operators to qualify their intervention in guidance counseling.

Aims of the project

The project aims to consolidate and implement the quality of integrated services for guidance, introducing in the process of delivering guidance services a tool that can reinforce the activities of information and counceling.

Target group

  • students
  • ESL
  • Guidance practitioners
  • Teachers

Description of the target group

Teachers of secondary schools of first and second grade; guidance counselors of the employment centers, youth information centers and training agencies; students and users of guidance services

Staff (selection, evaluation, training, promotion)

The working group is composed of professionals working in this specific field of activity, with experience in both the delivery of consultancy services of guidance, both in the training of operators and technical services. In particular, the working group is composed of: 1 coordinator 2 counselors with specific activity to support the training of operators and technical assistance 1 expert in training and new technologies for the supervision and monitoring of the project 1 Technical expert support systems online

Methodological approach, activities implemented

The software S.OR.PRENDO which is a complete and structured database of professional profiles is used as a guiding tool and information support in association with career guidance and career, in schools, training institutions, services for use constituting a resource reference to the 'regional system of lifelong guidance'. The project includes the following phases of activity: 1. Activating the software licenses S.OR.PRENDO 2. Basic training software S.OR.PRENDO 3. Training and technical support for remote support and technical assistance

Results and impact - data of program internal/ external evaluation, beneficiary satisfaction, the impact of the didactical practices at individual and institutional level

The opinions expressed by end users and by counselors who have used S.Or.Prendo are overall very positive, both with respect to the characteristics of effectiveness and usability of the tool is compared to the experience of participation in the path accompanying the trial. In particular, it highlighted positive aspects of the software such as: ease of use, simplicity, completeness of information, effectiveness compared to user needs.

Conclusions, lessons learned

The project has proved an effective way to promote dialogue and the development of forms of co-design and integrated management of guidance services between public and private operators and from the different areas

Directions of further development/ Transferability, replicability

S.or.prendo proved a tool that supports the guidance counselor both in the acquisition of new knowledge and operational methods for the management of guidance activities.

Type of ESL (early school leaving) practice

  • Prevention
  • Intervention

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Parameters on which the practice is applicable (check those appropriate)

  • Governance and coordination
  • Methodologies of provision
  • Competences and skills for practitioners
  • Common framework and quality standards
  • Evaluation of performance and effectiveness