Spain still ranks last in Europe in ESL rates

The European Commission has published the results of the annual report on the indices of Education and Training Monitor 2015. While in Spain the figures have improved over the past six years, it is still the country of the European Union with the highest rate of ESL as well as significant differences between regions and also related to economic differences of Spanish families.
Positively it can be highlighted  that in 2015 the state investment in education has increased by 4.5% (compared with 2014) after falling since 2010 when public spending on education fell 9.6% in 2011 and 9.1% in 2013. Also, after two years of reductions of scholarships, in 2014 they increased by 0.2%.
Spain aims to have a dropout rate of approximately 15%.  It is currently 21.9%, a figure that despite having been reduced 2% during the last year, Spain continues to rank last in Europe in Early School Leaving rates.

This report confirms the needs for activities like Guiding Cities in the fight to reduce ESL in Spain and other countries!

The full report can be found in English here.