Yearly Archives: 2015

Spain still ranks last in Europe in ESL rates

The European Commission has published the results of the annual report on the indices of Education and Training Monitor 2015. While in Spain the figures have improved over the past six years, it is still the country of the European Union with the highest rate of ESL as well as significant differences between regions and also […]

Educaweb Monographic Guiding Cities

Includes interviews from Rachel Nelson, Neus Gómez, Adriana Dobritoiu, Giulio Iannis, Petre Botnariuc discussing what is a “guiding city” and why it is important.

Collection of best practices

The Guiding Cities consortium is  currently running a transnational survey in order to identify guidance practices that are of good quality or innovative, relevant, effective in their contexts and transferable. They may have a strengh in any of the following dimensions, which are the building blocks of the Guiding Cities Model: Governance and coordination, Accessibility and awareness of services, Methodologies of […]


Why Guiding Cities?

This project aims to join different actors within the education and guidance field in response to recommendations by the OECD and European Communities (Career Guidance: A handbook for policy makers, 2004) to map and create a model of the current diverse guidance actions taken and present the complex structural needs in the field of education […]

Tackling early leaving from education and training in Europe: Strategies, policies and measures

This report by Eurydice and Cedefop examines the subject of early school leaving or  from education and training (ESL or ELET) from different perspectives, providing an overview of some of the main issues involved. The analysis shows that the factors related to early leaving are closely intertwined with other educational and social issues. It  also emphasives […]